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Microsoft Guided Tours


I specialized in UX/UI design for creating interactive learning experiences using the Dynamics 365 platform across diverse industries.

My role involved designing both low-fidelity and high-fidelity interfaces with a strong focus on crafting visually engaging experiences. I incorporated fully simulated interactions, including animations, to ensure a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

The designs I created were cross-platform, catering to various resolution types and accommodating different screen modes, such as Standard view and Maximized view.


Throughout the process, I collaborated closely with the Lead Developer to successfully deliver the Guided Tour Designs, ensuring seamless integration of design and functionality.


I played a pivotal role in the creation of a portal design by developing a comprehensive style guide, designing flows, site maps, and page layouts at both low and high fidelity levels.


To ensure the continual improvement and accuracy of the deliverables, I regularly facilitated UX workshops, fostering collaboration and gathering valuable insights.


Throughout the project, I maintained close collaboration with the Lead Developers, Lead UX Designer, Dynamics Consultancy Team, and Business Analysts.


This collaborative approach allowed us to achieve consistency and feasibility in the design, aligning it with the project objectives and stakeholder requirements.

MBIE Science Inventory Management System

WorkSafe HRIS


I made significant contributions to the transition of software from Sketch to Figma by spearheading the creation of a comprehensive design system and laying the groundwork with early-stage designs.


Working closely with the Lead Interaction Designer and Lead Business Analyst, I facilitated a seamless transition process, ensuring alignment with project objectives and a smooth adoption of the new design platform.

I rejoined this project additionally at a later phase, enhancing the design system and delivering design concepts for new components and pages.

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