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Working Together on Project


WORK IN PROGRESS, sneak peek
Synergize NZ is a job hunting and employer platform with the end goal intent of bringing.
A core intent of this website is events where employers and employees can connect.


Landing Page

The landing page intends to help users quickly differentiate the primary uses for those who are hiring and others who are seeking job opportunities.



The search page has a focus on filtering down on results with a simplified interface. This should allow users to quickly see important variables upfront rather than having to investigate deeper into the role. The intent is to feed users quick information and essentially save time and find appropriate results quickly.

Synergize NZ - Employ.png



This will be a section where Employers can both search profiles and reach out to users (much like LinkedIn) while also setting up job vacancies.


EVENTS - work in progress

This page will include upcoming events with exclusive tags. This page should cater for both online seminar-like events in addition to traditional events, meet and greets and talks that official organisations can set up.

Synergize NZ - About Us.png


About us

About Us page - fairly simple, experimenting with structured layouts and compositions.

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