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COMFIt - Enhancing Communal Fitness through Gamified workout challenges

In this project, our goal was to create a user-centric mobile fitness application that enhances communal fitness experiences through gamified workout challenges. By combining gamification, social interaction, and workout tracking, I aimed to provide users with an engaging platform to improve their fitness levels while fostering a sense of community.

Key Objectives


Motivate users and provide accountability for maintaining a consistent fitness routine.


Offer a seamless user experience with intuitive workout tracking features.


Foster social connections and support among like-minded individuals.


Encourage users to achieve their fitness goals and celebrate their progress.


Enhance user engagement through gamification elements and friendly competition.


Provide personalized recommendations and tailored content based on user preferences and progress.

User Research Insights


Motivations and Goals

  • Users expressed a need for motivation and accountability in their fitness journey.

  • Specific goals included weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, and strength building.


Preferences for Gamification and Competition

  • Users were interested in gamification elements, rewards, and achievements.

  • Participants emphasized the value of friendly competition and leaderboards.


Pain Points and Challenges

  • Users identified a lack of motivation and difficulty finding workout partners.

  • Participants desired variety and novelty in their workouts to sustain engagement.


Social Interaction and Community

  • Users desired a sense of community, social interaction, and support.

  • Features like comments, likes, and direct messaging were highly appreciated.





iPhone 14 - 1.jpg
iPhone 14 - 2.jpg
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iPhone 14 - 5.jpg
iPhone 14 - 6.jpg
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iPhone 14 - 10.jpg
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iPhone 14 - 11.jpg

Visual designs

iPhone 15.png
iPhone 17.png
iPhone 18.png
iPhone 22.png
iPhone 19.png
iPhone 20.png
iPhone 28.png
iPhone 21.png
iPhone 24.png
iPhone 27.png
iPhone 23.png
iPhone 26.png
iPhone 25.png
iPhone 29.png
iPhone 30.png

PROTOTYPE AND testing- Findings

Onboarding Process

  • Users found the onboarding process intuitive and personalized.

  • Customization options for fitness goals were appreciated.

Social Interaction Features

  • Users found it easy to engage with others through comments, likes, and direct messages.

  • Participants enjoyed sharing tips and motivation within the app.

Challenge Discovery and Joining

  • Users easily navigated the challenge discovery section and joined challenges of interest.

  • Participants expressed excitement about the variety of challenges available.

Rewards and Badges

  • Users were motivated by virtual rewards and badges for completing challenges.

  • The rewards system encouraged engagement and effort.

Workout Tracking

  • Users found the workout tracking features intuitive and accurate.

  • Participants appreciated the reliability of the tracking system.

Personalized Recommendations

  • Users valued personalized recommendations based on their fitness goals and preferences.

  • Tailored content helped users discover new challenges and stay engaged.


Through the integration of gamification, social interaction, and workout tracking, our fitness app successfully enhanced communal fitness experiences.

By addressing user motivations, fostering a sense of community, and providing an engaging user experience, we created a platform that motivated users to achieve their fitness goals while connecting with like-minded individuals.

The iterative design process and user feedback ensured continuous improvement, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

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