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As a Digital Designer, I thoroughly enjoy solving problems with through a plethora of solutions.
I perceive the journey's to be just as important as the outcomes as it is ultimately what is learnt through an experience through feedback, testing, sharing and collaborating with others that drives succesful outcomes.

Core factors that help motivate me as a designer include:

  • Meaningful products and projects. Am I working on something that positively influences others?

  • What can I learn from this experience and subesequently, what can I share to empower others?

  • How can I apply the successes of an experience to future ones?

SKills & Values


Highly flexible in different environments. Experience across over 15 unique projects and teams offering a diverse and fresh perspective.


Open Minded

Desire to constantly learn and evolve, in addition to broaden my scope of tools and software.
Always keen to learn and share knowledge with others in a mutually beneficial environment.


User Priority

A genuine desire to create the most optimal experience for users and cater to their needs. Heavy focus on User Centered Design principles.
Ability to empathise with users effectively and deliver a range of solutions.

Diverse Skillset

Equipped with skills and experience including but not limited to:
User Interface Design, Graphic, 3D Design, CMS, HTML & CSS.



Ability to effectively communicate with clients, stakeholders and users at all levels. I strive to connect with teams and individuals alike to create effective design with technical feasability.


With a background in 3D modelling, Digital Design and freelancing I enjoy exploring innovative opportunities and methods. I warmly welcome new ventures and exploring creative avenues.

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